Why did Mendel Select Pea-plant for his Experiment?

The causes for the selection of pea plant:

(i) Pea-plant can be cultivated in the garden;

(ii) As the life time of each pea plant is short, the result of hybridization can be achieved within a very short tame;

(iii) Self-pollination occurs easily, since the plant is bisexual

(iv) Since pea-plant is self-pollinated, mixing of any other characters is not easily possible. As a result, newly grown plant remains pure.

(v) Big flower of pea plant makes pollination easier.

(vi) Comparative hereditary characteristics is present, thus variation can occur.

vii) As the hybrid plants are fully fertile for reproduction, pea plants can reproduce on tune

(viii) Contrasting characteristics, such as tall-short etc occurs an pea plants.

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