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Main differences between the Plant cell and Animal cell

Plant cell

  • Most plant cells are bounded by a non-living cell wall made of cellulose.
  • Different types of plastids are present.
  • Usually, one or more vacuoles are present.
  • Normally no centrosome is present in the plant cell.
  • Golgi bodies are rarely seen in the plant cell under the microscope.
  • In plant cell reserve food is mainly starch.

Animal cell

  • No cell wall is present in the animal cell. It is surrounded only by the plasma membrane.
  • Plastids are not available here.
  • Except for some lower group of animals most of the animal cell does not have any vacuole.
  • Animal cell always bears centrosome.
  • Golgi bodies are frequently seen here under the microscope.
  • In animal cell reserve food is mainly glycogen.