Hypodermis Formation and Function in Plants

Hypodermis Formation and Function in Plants

Hypodermis is the outmost cell layer of the cortex of plants. It is the outermost layer of cells in the plant cortex, lying immediately beneath the epidermis. These cells are sometimes adapted to give further structural support or to store food materials or water. For example, in pine leaves; forming an extra protective layer or a water storage tissue.


  • It is usually composed of some layers of compactly arranged collenchyma cells.
  • The cell walls are thickened due to the deposition of cellulose and inter cellular space is absent.
  • The cells of this portion usually contain chloroplast.
  • They develop from the outer tangential wall inward.


  • It provides mechanical support to the stem.
  • If chloroplast present they can prepare food.
  • They provide structural support, particularly in growing shoots and leaves.
  • It is composed of two or three lasers of round and walled thin parenchymatous cells.

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