Explain Chrysophytes of Kingdom Protista

Chrysophytes of Kingdom Protista group includes diatoms and golden algae (desmids). They are found in fresh water as well as in marine environments. They are microscopic and float passively in water currents (plankton). Most of them are photosynthetic.

There are three main types of chrysophytes: diatoms (bacillariophyta), golden-brown algae (chrysophyceae), and yellow-green algae (xanthophyceae).


In diatoms the cell walls form two thin overlapping shells, which fit together as in a soap box. The walls are embedded with silica and thus the walls are indestructible. Thus, diatoms have left behind large amount of cell wall deposits in their habitat: this accumulation over billions of years is referred to as ‘diatomaceous earth’. Being gritty this soil is used in polishing, filtration of oils and syrups. Diatoms are the chief ‘producers’ in the oceans.

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