QS Study

Requirements: A large Beaker, Some Hydrilla Plant, One Funnel, One Test tube, water and a glowing splinter of wood.

Procedure: The Hydrilla plant should be kept in the beaker and covered with the funnel. Hydrilla plant be placed in such a way that its cutting ends remain towards the stem of the funnel. Water should be poured in the beaker in such a way that the stem of the funnel kept beneath the water level. A test tube completely filled with water should be inverted over the stem of the funnel. At this position the experimental set should be placed in Sunlight (or under electric light in the laboratory).


Observation: After sometimes it will be seen that bubbles are coming out from the Hydrilla plant and are accumulating in the test tube. After accumulation of some gas the test tube should be taken out carefully and a glowing splinter of wood be thrusted into the test tube, it will burst into flame.

Conclusion: As the gas helps the glowing splinter to flame so the gas is Oxygen, because Oxygen does not flame itself but helps other to flame.