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Epiblema imperfectly formed epidermis which supplies the place of the true epidermis in submerged plants and on the extremities of growing roots. It is the outermost layer of cells with large number of unicellular root hairs. The epidermis is the outermost layer of cells that covers the whole plant. In the region of the root this layer is called the epiblema.

(i) It is composed of one layer of compactly arranged parenchymatous cells

(ii) Unicellular root hairs are present in the epiblema.


  • To absorb water and mineral with the help at unit hairs.
  • To protect the inner tissues.
  • These help in the absorption of water.


  1. It is the outermost layer of cells.
  2. The cells usually have fine tubular elongations, called root hairs..
  3. Cells are thin walled. Some of these cells extend into unicellular root hairs.