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Endodermis: The plant endodermis plays an important role in selecting what gets into the plant from the soil. It is a layer of cells that prevents nutrients from leaving the plant structure and returning to the soil. It is commonly found in the root of the plant.

  1. It is composed of a single layered and barrel shaped parenchymatous cells.
  2. Since these cells bear plenty of starch grains it is also called starch sheath.
  3. These layers work together to absorb water and nutrients, which are essential to keep the plant alive.


  • It acts as a stellar sheath and it also stores food.
  • The endodermis plays a role in helping the plant absorb nutrients.
  • Its role in ion selectivity is minor compared to the cells of the cortex and epidermis.

The endodermis also functions in structural support for the stele, particularly in drying soil, and minimizes shrinkage or swelling of the cells of the stele.