QS Study

Discuss the economic importance of Saccharomyces (Yeast):

Useful roles:

i) Preparation of alcohol: Alcohol is prepared from sugar by fermentation with the help of Yeast.

ii) Preparation of beer: Yeast is used in preparing beer. Yeast is used to prepare wine from grape juice and cedars from apples.

iii) In bread factories: Yeast is used in preparing bread. Flour is mixed with Yeast and allowed to ferment, CO2 and aichohol are produced Here CO2 is released to atmosphere and alcohol takes part in bread formation

iv) As protein: About 37% proteins is present in the biomass of Yeast. Yeast was cultured during the Second World War to meet up the protein demand.

v) As food: As Yeast cell contains different types of vitamins (B, C) and proteins, it is used as nutritious food

vi) As medicine: Used to treat skin disease

Harmfull roles:

i) Spoiling food: Tomato sauce, cheese etc can be spoilt by Yeast attack

ii) Causing disease: Skin diseases including other diseases arc caused by Yeast.