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Differences between Tissue and Cell:

Tissue: Originating from a same place when more than one cell with similar structure and function performs a common function, then those groups of cells are called Tissue. For example, blood is a kind ‘of fluid connective tissue. In the liquid matrix or plasma of blood there are red corpuscles, white corpuscles and platelets. Blood is developed from the mesoderm of the embryo.

Cell: Cell is the structural and functional unit of tissue. For example, Red blood corpuscles (Erythrocytes), White blood corpuscles (Leucocytes) and Platelets (Thrombocytes) are various types of blood cells. Of these the red courpuscles transport oxygen and carb.on dioxide, white corpuscles take part in the defense of the body and the platelets take part in blood clotting at the site of injury and stop unwanted blood loss.

Blood cells and the plasma together form the blood tissue.

Blood generally takes part in the internal transportation of the body.