QS Study

Differences between hepatic portal and renal portal system and its significance are given below:

(A) Hepatic portal system:

Origin: Different parts of the digestive system such as stomach , intestine, pancreas„ spleen etc and wins come from hind limb are united together and enters into liver and breaks into capillaries instead open to heart

Destination: Liver

Function: Absorbed food of alimentary canal and transport into liver. This food is differentiated into the liver and sends them to the place of necessary and store the excess food.

Significance: The absorbed food is stored into liver not circulated meaning lastly into the body and food is distributed when in need.


(B) Renal portal system:

Origin: The femoral and sciatic vein united together to form renal portal vein this vein open into kidney and breaks into capillaries.

Destination: Kidney

Function: By the system filtration of metabolic waste and excretion of these materials of the blood by the kidney is done.

Significance: To separate the waste materials from the blood before entering the heart while brings into the kidney to filter and purify.