QS Study

Difference between root and stem from their anatomical structures:

Internal structure of stem

  • Cuticle is present on the epidermis
  • Stem hair is multicellular
  • Stomata are usually present in epidermis.
  • Cortex is small.
  • Hypodermis is present in stem
  • Vascular bundles are conjoint type
  • Protoxylem lie towards the periphery. (the xylem arc exarch)

Internal structure of root

  • Epiblema does not contain cuticle.
  • Root hair is unicellular.
  • Stomata are absent in epiblema.
  • Cortex is large.
  • Hypodermis is absent in root.
  • Vascular bundles are radial type.
  • Protoxylem lie towards the centre, i.e. the xylem are endarch.