Difference between Somatic Cells and Reproductive Cells

Difference between Somatic cells and Reproductive cells

Somatic cell

(1) Position: Somatic cells are present throughout the body of the organisms.

(2) Function: Takes part in the body formation.

(3) Types: According to the requirement of body it may be of different types.

(4) Ploidy: Usually, diploid.

(5) Union: Somatic cells never unite with each other


Reproductive cell

(1) Position: Reproductive cells are only confined to reproductive organs.

(2) Function: Takes part in reproduction.

(3) Types: Reproductive cells are of two types, such as- male gamete or sperm (n) and female gamete or ovum (n).

(4) Ploidy: Reproductive cell is always haploid.

(5) Union: Two different reproductive cells (one male and the other female) unite together (n+n) to form zygote (2n)

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