Difference between Anatomical Structures of Dicot Stem and Monocot Stem

Difference between Anatomical Structures of Dicot stem and Monocot stem

Dicot stem

  • Multicellular stem hair present.
  • The hypodermis is composed of collenchyma tissue.
  • Cortex can be differentiated into extrasolar and interstellar regions.
  • Extrastlar cortex again can be differentiated into hypodermis, general cortex and endodermis.
  • Vascular bundle are, usually, fixed in number and are arranged in the ring
  • Pericycle is present outside the vascular bundles.
  • Bundle sheath is absent.
  • Vascular bundles, conjoint collateral or collateral type.
  • Medulla and medullary ray present.

Monocot stem

  • Stem hair absent.
  • The hypodermis is composed of sclerenchyma tissue.
  • Cortex can’t be differentiated into extrastelar and intrastelar regions.
  • From below the hypodermis, cortex extends up to the centre.
  • Vascular bundles are numerous and are scattered in ground tissue.
  • Pericycic is absent.
  • Bundle sheath is present and around the vascular ground tissue.
  • Vascular bundles, conjoint collateral and dosed type
  • Medullary ray is not distinguished from the ground tissue.

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