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Ovule: The round shaped microscopic organs present in the placenta of ovary which are turned to seeds after being fertilized are called ovule.

a1Fig: Structure of an ovule.

Structure of ovule:

A typical ovule is composed of the following organs:

(i) Funiculus: The connecting slender stalk between ovule and placenta is known as Funiculus

(ii) Hilum: The attaching point between an ovule and a funiculus is called hilum.

(iii) Nucellus: The main body tissue of an ovule is called nucellus.

(iv) Integument: One layered two outer convering- surrounding the nucellus is called Integument

(v) Micropyle: The exposed area of the anterior part of an ovule is called Micropyle

(vi) Chalaza: The area of ovule where nucellus and integument are fused is called Chalaza.