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The process of osmosis may occur under the following conditions:

  • There should have two solutions. One concentrated and other dilute.
  • A semi-permeable membrane should separate the two solutions of different concentration.
  • The two solutions must be of the same solvent.
  • Temperature and atmospheric pressure should be same.

Osmotic Pressure (OP):

In the process of osmosis pressure required from higher concentration area to stop the movement of solvent from lower concentrated solution to higher concentrated solution when a semi-permeable membrane separates the two solutions, is called Osmotic Pressure (OP). More the difference of concentration of two solutions more the OP, and less the difference of concentration, less will be the OP. if the concentration of two solutions is same there will have no OP and osmosis will not run.

Turgor Pressure (TP):

Due to endosmosis water enter into the cell and the cell becomes swollen. This swollen condition of the cell is called turbidity. Due to turgidity, the protoplasm exerts a pressure on the cell wall; this pressure is called Turgor Pressure.

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