QS Study

Comparison of Male and Female Toads:

Male Toads

  1. When matured, the male toad is smaller in size than the female toad.
  2. The abdomen of the male toad is narrow and elongated.
  3. The male toad has the vocal sac.
  4. During the breeding season, the male toad develops a nuptial pad on the lower side of the forelimb.

Female Toads

  1. When matured, the female toad is bigger in size than the male toad.
  2. During the breeding season, the abdomen of the female toad becomes much wider
  3. The female toad lacks the vocal sac.
  4. The female toad has no nuptial pad.

In our country mainly two types of toad are available; One is the toad and the other is from. They both feed on insects, worms and other small living creatures, Many of the insects, worms and the living creatures harm the crops. Toads eat them to benefit men.