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Tracheid and Vessel are the components of xylem, the water, and minerals conducting tissue in plants. Vessels and tracheids are jointly known as the tracheary elements of the xylem.


  • These are xylem elements found in all types of vascular plants.
  • These are single cells with tapering ends, hence are not syncytium.
  • The cells are long and tapering at both ends.
  • The cells are dead and have bordered pits.
  • The partition walls of the cells do not break down
  • Its functions are storage and conduction of water and giving mechanical support
  • It is usually found in fern plants, gymnospermic plants, and angiospermic plants

Xylem Vessel

  • These are also xylem elements¬†(trachea) but restricted to angiosperms only
  • A vessel is formed by several cells arranged end to end and dissolved cross walls, hence is a syncytium.
  • The cells are long, tubular and swollen at both ends
  • Simple pits are present in the walls of dead cells.
  • The partition walls form a tube after being broken down
  • Its main function is to conduct water. Besides, it gives mechanical support.
  • It is only found in gymnospermic plants.


Similarities between Tracheid and Vessel

  • Both are present in primary and secondary xylem.
  • Both can transport water.
  • Both vessels and tracheids are the components of xylem.
  • Both are dead cells at maturity.
  • Both possess a secondary lignified cell wall.