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Classification of Plants

The Creator created the world with diverse types of diversified plants. There are such little plants, which cannot be seen with the uncovered eyes, again there are also such big plants that can be seen from a lengthy distance. There are many pants, which do not have flowers. Again there are such plants which cannot be differentiated into root, stem and leaf. There are some plants, which have got no chlorophyll. They are not green and cannot arrange their own food. The number of plants in this diversified plant world is immeasurable. They are in millions not in thousands. How can we know this great plant world? For this there needs a well thought and well organized system. This is the system of plant classification.

Classification is a method of arrangement in which one can know the plant kingdom without difficulty. Considering the characteristics of plants of the huge plant kingdom, plants having alike characteristics are arranged in groups, i.e., one kind of plant is placed in one group. Thus plants are successively arranged in groups and sub-groups namely: Division, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species etc. This systematic arrangement is called classification. The key objective of classification is to know easily the vast plant kingdom in short time.

Aim of classification:

  1. To get information about each group and sub-groups.
  2. To focus on the variety of plant kingdom.
  3. To save accurately the acquired knowledge.
  4. To present the full knowledge in a nutshell.
  5. To give a name to each unit.
  6. To recognize helpful plants for the advantage of mankind.