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Uses and abuses of satellite TV channels

Satellite channels denote the open-sky television channels that we operate by means of satellite and dish-antenna. In Bangladesh, satellite television was first launched in 1992. Now it has spread in every nook and corner of the country through cable operators. Millions of people have become the viewers of satellite television. Nowadays some of our national channels are also televised globally. Therefore, our satellite television programmes are also received by the viewers in foreign countries.

Satellite channels enable us to come in close contact with many different cultures and views. We learn about various ways and styles of life and different attitudes. We can compare our own culture and views with those of the others and thus develop our capacity of adjustment. Satellite channels carry the feelings and problems of different nations to us and create a new feeling of togetherness. This enhances human understanding which is essential for global peace.

Satellite channels advertisements are used to promote the marketing of every industrial product in the world. So, people related to trade and commerce become more and more dependent on satellite channels for the spread of their market. Helping international marketing: Satellite TV advertisements are used in a large scale to promote marketing of every industry in the world. So, people related to trade and commerce become more and more dependent on satellite TV for the spread of their market.

Every culture has its originality based on native culture. But this root is affected by the aggression of satellite channels. The influence of the western culture may wipe out our own literature, songs, traditions, culture etc. Vulgar and nude programrnes on the satellite channels attract the young people of our country. They demoralize the young generation, the vital force of a nation.

Despite some demerits of satellite channels, we cannot ignore its merits. We must be practical in our attitude. We need to utilize this modern technology for our own purposes which will be beneficial to us. Therefore, we must modify the present system of televising the programmes through proper filtration.