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Computer is a developed electronic system. Computer collects data, process it according to command and represents results as necessary. Where the computer receives information is called Input. Here the data of the computer is applied. For this, the input devices which are used generally are key-board, mouse-touch pad, scanner, digital camera and microphone. Where data is being processed is called CPU or Central Processing Unit. In this unit, there is memory unit or RAM, control unit and arithmetical logic Unit. The end from where the result is found is Output.

There are mainly monitor, speaker and printer as output device. We get the processed data through them. A basic structure of computer is given below:


The elemental devices by which a computer is made are called Hardware. Such as keyboard, mouse, processor, monitor, printer etc. Software is a group of commands that says computer what it will have to do. These are some programs as- Windows-98, Windows-2003, Windows-2007.

Hardware is the body of a computer and software is its soul. Computer is considered as a very essential machine for its speed, ability of preserving data, relevancy, accuracy, tirelessness and automation. Computer can work in an unbelievable speed; it can make millions of mathematical calculations in a second.