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Electronic mail that is popularly known as e-mail is a major development over telephone and telex. While telex and telephone are terminal to terminal communication, e-mail is user to user. E-mail has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of communication. Now messages can be sent to the distant corner of the world within a second.

E-mail differs-from telephone or telex on the ground that e-mail is user to user communication while telex or telephone is terminal to terminal. The use of e-mail in developing country is still limited. E-mail communication is user to user via the computer while telex communication is terminal to terminal. We can get the advantage of privacy from e-mail as the mail is delivered to an individual’s mail box which can be accessed or opened only by the intended recipient. E-mail is a cheaper communication as messages can be transmitted within seconds electronically without using any paper. Telex messages destined to a number of men are sent to the same terminal from where it is distributed in a printed form by an operator.