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Ampere is defined as that constant current which when flowing through two parallel infinitely long straight conductors of negligible cross section and placed in air or vacuum at a distance of one metre apart, experience a force of 2 × 10-7 newton per unit length of the conductor.

The force between two parallel wires carrying currents on a segment of length l is

F = (μ0I1 I2l / 2πα)

Force per unit length of the conductor is

F/l = (μ0I1 I2/ 2πα)

If I2 = I2 = 1A, a = 1m

F/l = μ0 /2π (1*1 / 1) = (4π * 10-7) / 2π

= 2 x 10-7 Nm-1

The above conditions lead the definition of ampere.

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