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Physical Significance of Gradient

Gradient tells you how much something changes as you move from one point to another (such as the pressure in a stream). Gradient is the multidimensional rate of change of particular function. Gradient vector is a representative of such vectors which present the value of differentiation in all the 360¬į direction for the given point on the curve”

(i) Gradient of a scalar quantity is a Vector quantity.

(ii) Magnitude of that vector quantity is equal to the Maximum rate of change of that scalar quantity.

(iii) Change of scalar quantity does not depend only on the coordinate of the point, but also on the direction along which the change is shown.

For the gradient of a vector field, you can think of it as the gradient of each component of that vector field individually, each of which is a scalar. The gradient always points in the direction of the maximum rate of change in a field.