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We use different types of mirror for different purposes. These are described some uses of mirror:

Plane mirror:

  1. We see our appearance by using plane mirrors.
  2. The ophthalmologist uses plane mirrors to examine the vision of a patient for reading the alphabets easily.
  3. Periscopes are constructed using plane mirrors.
  4. It is used to avoid accidents in the turns of hilly road.
  5. Optical instruments like telescope, overhead projector, and laser are made using plane mirrors.
  6. During shooting of drama, cinema etc. brightness of any place is increased by reflecting light by plane mirror.

Concave mirror

  1. Using suitable size of the concave mirror, the magnified and erect image of the face is formed in a concave mirror. It helps in beautification and shaving.
  2. The dentists use concave mirror.
  3. Concave mirrors are used as reflectors. For example- the concave mirror is used in torch light, search light of launch and steamers to determine the path.
  4. Using concave mirror, the light and heat energy, etc. is centralized to heat a body. Besides, it is used to collect Radar and TV signal. For instance- dish antenna, solar oven, telescope and Radar collector etc.
  5. Since, the light rays can be centralized at a point using a concave mirror, the doctor use this mirror to examine eye, ear, nose and throat.

Convex mirror

  1. Since, a convex mirror always produce a virtual, erect and diminished image, it is used in cars to see the vehicles and passersby behind. In marriage ceremony it is used as view mirrors.
  2. Since a wide range of area can be seen with the help of a convex mirror it is used in shopping mall or shop for security purpose.
  3. It is used to prepare reflecting telescope.
  4. It is used as reflector in the street lamps, since it spreads light over a large area.