Characteristics of Stationary Waves - QS Study
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Some Characteristics of stationary waves

  • The waveform remains stationary.
  • Nodes and antinodes are formed alternately.
  • The points where displacement is zero are called nodes and the points where the displacement is maximum are called antinodes.
  • Pressure changes are maximum at nodes and minimum at antinodes.
  • All the particles except those at the nodes, execute simple harmonic motions of the same period.
  • The amplitude of each particle is not the same, it is maximum at antinodes decreases gradually and is zero at the nodes.
  • The velocity of the particles at the nodes is zero. It increases gradually and is maximum at the antinodes.
  • The distance between any two consecutive nodes or antinodes is A equal to λ/2, whereas the distance between a node and its adjacent antinode is equal to λ/4.
  • There is no transfer of energy. All the particles of the medium pass through their mean position simultaneously twice during each vibration.
  • Particles in the same segment vibrate in the same phase and between the neighbouring segments, the particles vibrate in opposite phase.