Characteristics of Progressive Wave

Characteristics of progressive wave:

1. Each particle of the medium executes vibration about its mean position. The disturbance progresses onward from one particle to another.

2. The particles of the medium vibrate with the same amplitude about their mean positions.

3. Each successive particle of the medium performs a motion similar to that of its predecessor along the propagation of the wave, but later in time.

4. The phase of every particle changes from 0 to 2π.

5. No particle remains permanently at rest. Twice during each vibration, the particles are momentarily at rest at extreme positions; different particles attain the position at the different time.

6. Transverse progressive waves are characterized by crests and troughs. Longitudinal waves are characterized by compressions and rarefactions.

7. There is a transfer of energy across the medium in the direction of propagation of the progressive wave.

8. All the particles have the same maximum velocity when they pass through the mean position.

9. The displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the particle separated by mi. are the same, where m is an integer.

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