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Application of Gravitational Law

We can determine acceleration due to gravity at any point using Newton’s law of gravitation. Besides we can determine mass of the earth, mass of the moon and mass of the sun, average density of the earth. Also we can find out time period of revolution and height of the planets, stars and artificial satellites. We can solve different phenomena like weightlessness of the astronauts, gravitational field, intensity, potential, etc. In present world exploration of minerals, communication by satellites, material research etc and many other achievements are the outcome of the use of gravitational law. These are discussed below.

Exploration of Natural Resources: We know, average density of the earth, ρ = 5.5 x 103 kgm-3. This value may vary at different depths of the earth. So by measuring the value of ‘g’ we can determine the density at a particular depth and if that value is larger than the average density of the earth, then there is a possibility of having minerals at that place. So, by determining the value of ‘g’ we can explore minerals. It the preliminary investigation is encouraging then rigorous and detailed investigation by other methods, types and nature of minerals can be found out. So, by using law of gravitation we can explore minerals.

Communication through Satellite: Current age is the age of science. With the development of science unprecedented development has been achieved by the application of science for the welfare of mankind.

During last few decades its development had amazing influence on everyday life of human beings. Within no time people can establish contact and communicate with others using different communication technology. Artificial satellites are such astonishing, devices that can establish contact with different parts of the world, can make contact, with other satellites and get information, can take photographs of different places, can forecast about weather and other many important things.