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In the spring of 1945 the Second World War was coming to an end. The war had brought a great misery to the whole world. Millions of people had been killed and wounded. They included men, women and children. Millions of people were rendered homeless. Millions suffered from poverty, hunger and diseases. Man’s conscience awoke. People wanted peace. “Let there be an end to war. Let there be peace and goodwill on earth. Let man live with his fellow man as brother” – So prayed the people of the world. The human race was drawing close together. The telephone, the telegraph and the wireless were helping the quick exchange of news and views. The airplane was linking the distant parts of the world. Ignorance, poverty disease, oppression in one part of the world was having their effects on the other parts. The world was becoming united with a goal.

The United Nation Organization was born in April, 1945 and today it is the march of civilization against evils of all kinds. The United Nations meet in New York. They discuss burning problems of peace and war and take emergency steps to find out their solutions as quickly as postage. The United Nation Organization deals with quarrels that might lead to war among nations. The Aim of the United Nation Organization is to prevent war in the world and to reach a state absent peace. General conditions of life are more or less unsatisfactory in many parts of the World. This unsatisfactory state of affairs is responsible for much discontent and long continued discontent may lead to war.

One way of preventing war is to remove as many causes of discontent as possible. So the United Nation Organization has set up bodies to study the living conditions in all parts or the world and to help in the fight against poverty, ignorance, disease and social-political injustices.