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Unemployment problem of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is beset with many problems. Unemployment is one of the most serious problems. The word ‘unemployment’ means a state in which a man is out of work. When an adult person has no work to bring money for the subsistence of himself and the members of his family, he is treated to be unemployed.

Unemployment is a great social evil. The peace and prosperity of social life depend upon a handsome income of all able-bodied persons. There goes the proverb that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop. An unemployed person has an idle brain. Such a man has no work and therefore, no income. So he cannot but do mischief. No country of the world is, free from unemployment problem. It defies all attempts at solution and creates handicaps to all sorts of development and progress. The governments of the countries of the world have been trying to solve this problem. But complete success has not yet been attained. Our educational system is defective. The present educational system is not fit for practical life. Professional and vocational training is absent in this system. Beside our students nourish a false sense of self dignity. They are not keen to do manual labor. Rather they like to remain unemployed.

Bangladesh is one of the backward countries of the world. She has not yet been developed satisfactorily. Moreover It has a overpopulation. So the problem of unemployment has become abnormally great in this country. It is encouraging that Bangladesh Government has taken some steps to solve these problems. It is hoped that more steps will be taken to solve this unbearable problem. It is high time to solve the problem. Conscious people should work together with the government in the regard. Otherwise, we all fall into a great danger.