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Premature marriage means early marriage. If boys marry before twenty one and girls before eighteen, it is called premature marriage. In development country poor boys and girls who are illiterate are the victims of premature marriage. They are married according to the wish of their parents and grandparents. They are married even before fifteen. The premature marriage has a negative effect on both the mind and body of the boys and girls. Boys suffer a lot because they have to work hard to run a family. On the other hand, girls matter even more because they have to risk their lives during premature child birth. As a result the girl’s health breaks down. The mortality rate of mothers increases. As they are illiterate and superstition they cannot control birth. They have more children and the population increases. It also hinders higher education of girls and boys stopping their education being loaded by the responsibility of married life. To solve the problem premature marriage must be stopped. They should be made aware of the great problem created by premature marriage.

Government should impose necessary laws on early marriage. To encourage female education government should also take some positive actions such as giving stipends to girls, recruiting more female teachers etc. These will help stopping premature and we should make people conscious about the bad effects of early marriage.