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Parents are the best teachers

In a modern society, people always face the dilemma to choose whether parents or other people are the best teachers. This is much debated as it affects everyone in their daily lives. As far as we are concerned, we think that parents are the best teachers because of their love and lifetime teaching. The first argument that can be presented to develop our position is that parents love us whole-heatedly. From time to time, they have to give up their own time, pleasure and even their dreams in order to fulfill our needs. Parents do not expect their children to thank them for their invaluable contributions.

Throughout our life time, our parents introduce us to the world. They teach us what they say and do and make us ready to face problems of life courageously. Indeed, basic knowledge is the first thing to learn from them. The love of our parents creates our character They help us to find solutions to our mistakes. They are experienced people as they are older and they share their experience with us from time to time thus enriching our knowledge. They know how we think, what we want and why we do something. In the modern world parents must talk with their children about everything because it can save their life and make them happier. So, the role of parents is really important because it gives the strength and understanding the real world. They give you, advice whether we need. To sum up, parents become the best teachers bet cruse of their experience, love, care, advice and understanding. As they enter school and take up higher education parents offer their help by suggesting courses and locating resources in the form of books, friendly contacts that can be extremely useful in shaping up a child’s future. They teach us about life, which is the best subject to teach someone with life long experiences.