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Mushroom, the fungi food is a small wonder of the day. But we have been neglecting that vegetable for so long. One of the reasons is the misconception that it grows in filth and soggy places and has something to do with frogs. Besides, almost all of us are unaware of its nutritional values and medicinal qualities. From the checking blood pressure to helping take care of an ailing stomach, mushrooms have a wide range of beneficial roles. Believe it or not, this vegetable has low fat, good protein and vitamins that can help reduce stress, blood pressure and that embarrassing flab around the waist. And that is not all, mushrooms provide prevention against jaundice, stomach disorders, premature hairless and anaemia. On the other hand, this vegetable is so easy to grow that you don’t even require large open spaces. One can produce mushroom inside a room. In Bangladesh, cultivable land is not up to the required mark. Moreover, with apartment culture setting in a lot of lands is being used up.

An ordinary person requires 200 grams of vegetables every day. But for producing the required quantity of vegetables we do not have enough land. Considering all these, we may say, this is the right time to switch to the production of this food item. During monsoon when farmers worry over excess rain, a mushroom producer can relax and see his crop grow inside a room.

Along with providing the business opportunity for young unemployed people, the cultivation of mushroom can also be instrumental to earning foreign currency. However, as it is mentioned earlier, this vegetable has not created the stir it should have. Sadly, this is due to lack of patronization and proper projection of this new food item.