Importance of Female Education - QS Study
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Importance or necessity of female education is the theme of the passage. Proper education ensures girls to become human resources. Girls can contribute to economic development by earning money. An integrated approach to community development is needed to make girls education successful. If girls are not educated, there is a tremendous waste of potential human resources. Female education contributes to creating wealth. An educated girl is more potential because she can earn more than an uneducated girl. Investment in education is more profitable in the sense that when a person is educated he gives more return in his work than an uneducated man.

We should have educated mothers because they ensure sending their children to school. “Integrated approach” means a working plan to use everything to reach a single goal.

The benefits of female education are immense. Investment in female education, increase the economic and social returns in all other sectors. It helps to create wealth. An educated woman has a higher income potential. An educated mother is more likely to sand her children to school. Failure in educating women means a tremendous waste of potential human resources.