History of Underground Railroad - QS Study
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Underground Railroad was first stimulated it the 19th century in London.  At first the cut-and-cover method was no very feasible. The construction of the underground was first stimulated in the 19th century. The installation of lifts was necessary for the depth of the tunnels.

But a great development took place in the twentieth century. Electrification, lift and escalator systems etc. have the subway rail a sophisticated means of transports. James Henry Greathead developed a new device. He made a steel made cylindrical tube which co forward into the ground by means of hydraulic jacks. This system has solved the problem of automobile congestion in metropolitan cities to large extents. An underground is a railway under the surface of the ground. Immense popularity encouraged additional construction. Cut and cover method was first followed for the construction of the Underground Railroad. Cut-and-cover method was more hazardous and time consuming. This method created sulphurons atmosphere in the underground. An underground railway system may solve the problem of serious automobile congestion in the metropolitan city.