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One literate non believer is equal to ten illiterate believers. Education makes a man a complete citizen um education helps a man to earn his livelihood. It helps a man to contribute to the society, helps a matt to acquire knowledge and values practical skills etc.

The establishment of Dhaka University was initiated by a deputation of Muslim leaders in 1912. In this year on January 31 the deputation met Viceroy Lord Hardinge and demanded for a university in Dhaka. But their demand was vigorously opposed by some leader including Calcutta based leaderships. But, the Viceroy ignored their opposition. At last in 1920 he had the Dhaka University Act passed by the Indian Legislative Council.

A deputation of Muslim leaders of East Bengal led by Nawab Salimullah, Nawab Syed All Choudhury and A K Fazlul Huq took the initiatives to establish Dhaka University. A Calcutta Commission with other leaders opposed the enterprise. A Calcutta Commission was given the charge of preparing a scheme for establishing a university in Dhaka. The Calcutta Commission in the long run, failed to stop the setting up of Dhaka University. The initial academic standard of Dhaka University was excellent and the University came to he regarded a “Oxford of the East”.