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Dignity of Labor

All kinds of work, manual or intellectual, are known as labor. Generally, by dignity of labor, we mean the value of manual labor. All labor is sacred and full of-dignity. We should use the strength of our body and two hands to do any work that come before us. Manual labor is essential for the progress, development and happiness of a country. The daily affairs of life cannot run without it. Without labor we would not have food, clothing and shelter. Labor is necessary to grow crops, build houses, offices, factories and roads. The sweeper, the porter, the carpenter, the mason, the blacksmith and the peasants give manual labor to make us happy and the country prosperous.

Unfortunately, the educated youth of our generation consider manual labor beneath their dignity. They think that farmers and all illiterate people are meant to do manual labor. This is really very wrong and shameful idea.

Industry is the key to success. A man who hates manual labor is a curse to himself and to the society. In the developed countries labor is not undermined by anybody. In western countries, university students on vacation work as menials in hotels and other places. The men who undertake manual labor are the glorious sons of the country. Those who work without any shame in it are honored and respected for their contribution to mankind. The man who works hard and earns his own bread is self-reliant and self-confident. Prophet Mohammad (sm) said that labor adds to the dignity of man.

The prosperity of any nation depends on showing proper dignity to labor. In order to build up a developed country as a strong and developed nation all people, particularly the new generation should feel no shame in doing things that call for manual people.