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Man has an inborn curiosity to see the unseen and to know the unknown. One can do many things to fulfill ones indomitable desire. A person usually tries to find out the things and beings surrounding him. He critically evaluates others, overlooks, counts measures and observes the circumstances. And thus he gathers experience throughout his life time leaving himself unknown. But to know thyself is an abstract quest of finding something beyond the material capacity. It is very difficult to understand and realize our ownselves is to know our own identity. It may be similar to self-criticism or self-analysis knowing thyself makes one understand oneself which seems to be the best way to develop personality. There are many ways and means to know others or to criticize over different matters but self criticism is the best way to measure one’s self. Therefore importance of knowing thyself can never be denied. It is undoubtedly important for anyone to identify his or her personality. Thousands of years ago philosopher thought about it and said, know thyself which is the best study of discovering ones inner faculties. Though it appears to be very difficult to find out our limitations it is also instructive and constructive for developing one’s self. They don’t amend themselves rather they are afraid of sell criticism lest their faults should be leaked out. However, knowing thyself is the best way to rectify one’s faults and follies.