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Corruption is a curse

Corruption is nowadays one of the basic problems of our society. It has entered each and every corner of our society. At present it is an open secret to everybody. Everybody, irrespective of rank and status, has immersed himself in corruption in different shapes. It has spread in every walk of our life like the terrible disease cancer and paralyzed our national life. Corruption is a great social evil. It indicates the activities which are quite opposite the values and norms of an organization or of the society. It is now regarded as the curse of our national life. If there exists corruption in our national life, the nation will surely be drowned in the darkness of ignorance, terrorism and anarchy. A nation can be prosperous if it goes on the way of truthfulness and justice. So the main duty of a nation is curiosity of truth and development. If a nation goes forward in a just and proper way and depends on justice, then it will be able to rise to the peak of success. The world’s history says that the country which was guided by honesty and truthfulness became successful.

On the other hand, if corruption enters into society, the way of development is totally closed. The corrupt people always think ill of others. They only think and care for themselves. They do not think about others welfare. That is why; corruption is considered the curse of a nation or society. No country can rightly boast that she is absolutely free from the problem of corruption. In fact, corruption is a common phenomenon in almost all countries of the world both developed and developing.In this way men’s lives are covered with miserable griefs and sufferings.