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Children and Women Trafficking

The incidents of trafficking children and women are increasing in developing countries, like Afghanistan, Guatemala, Rwanda, Bangladesh etc., of the world have also reported about this. This heinous activity has overshadowed the image of the country. The child and women traffickers have found the capital city and other places of the country as safe haven for running this lucrative human trading. Helpless women, rootless and working children, poverty hit women, vagabonds, repressed, illiterate or semi-illiterate women, widows and divorcees are the preys of these brutes. The traffickers are very clever and cruel. Law and humanity don’t touch them. They select some routes to run this trading safely.

Mainly the border districts are preferred by them. But they very often change their routes and open up new routes. According to the reliable sources, more than 30 thousand women and children have been trafficked from developing countries during the last decade. About 20 thousand women and children are being trafficked annually now from the country and it is a great concern. However, considering this grave situation, our government and different NGOs have been trying to remove this problem. Actually creation of mass awareness against child and women trafficking, building up of effective network of the law enforcing agencies and arranging repatriation of the trafficked women and & children, reuniting them with their family members at home and also long term rehabilitation programs are very essential.