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Charity is a noble human quality. It is a quality that makes a man to think for others. It leads man to have sympathy for the fellowmen and do them good. It ennobles man. It makes a man generous. This quality brings happiness on earth, strengthens the ties of relationship among men, removes enmity and creates fellow-feeling. Charity should not be measured in terms of money. It should be measured by the sacrifice that one makes. Charity should be extended to all, friends and foes, kith and kin. Charity should be extended to those who really deserve it. It should not be given only for show name and fame.

There is a proverb that charity begins at home. Children should be taught to have sympathy to the needy and the poor. Charity is a noble a virtue. So it should be practiced at home. According to the definition of charity as love towards the neighbour we need to find out first what loving means to us at this very moment.

Charitable organization means incorporated or non-incorporated tax excused body which is created and operated for charitable purposes, employs all its assets to those charitable activities that are under its direct control and does not contribute to or associates with political organizations.