Adopting Unfair Means in Examination - QS Study
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Nowadays copying in the examination has become a crucial problem in our education. It is so widespread that the conscious people are greatly alarmed at it. It is not a new thing. It was in the past and it is prevalent still. But at present it is very much rampant. During any kind of pubic examination an examination hall becomes almost a fish market full of hue and cry. So called helpers and well washers gather around the campus of the examination centres and supply copying materials. There are many reasons behind copying. First of all our education system is defective. Secondly, the teachers do not teach the students in the class room well. Thirdly, there are not sufficient trained teachers. Fourthly, some students engage themselves in politics and idle away their time. Moreover, we find moral degradation is the main factors for copying in the examination.

Besides, after liberation many schools and colleges have been set up on political ground. These institutions do not have any academic atmosphere. So the student of these schools and colleges cannot but adopt unfair means in the examination. So the people of all strata should come forward to tackle the problem jointly. In order to solve copying in the examination the Govt. has taken some preventive measures. First of all the Govt. is trying to raise public awareness through mass media. Recently the government has enforced a law that it any student is found copying in the examination hall, she/he will be expelled from the examination hall. If any invigilator is found helping any examines, legal action will be taken against her/him. Even if outsiders are found involved in helping any examines tin copying, they will also be punished. The government has interchanged the examinations centres and formed invigilation teams to monitor the overall condition of the examination centres.