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By the word multimedia we mean many media. By adding some extra hardware and software in a computer system, multimedia allows to perform multiple functions including audio, video, animation, graphics etc. along with the general functions of the computer. In this way, when several works are performed at a time in a computer it is called multimedia. Multimedia helps in communicating through computer by combining all the media of expressing human attitude and feelings such as text, audio, video; animation, graphics, interactive computing etc., in the computer screen. The elements of multimedia are shown in the picture below:

Fig: Various elements of multimedia

At last it can be concluded that multimedia is a computer based system of communication that includes text, audio, video, animation, graphics, interactive computing etc. Multimedia tends to imply sophistication (and relatively more expense) in both production and presentation than simple text-and-images. Multimedia presentations are possible in many contexts, including the Web, CD-ROMs, and live theater. In this system, this media can be used independently or jointly in expressing any human feeling or any message.