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The objects that move around the earth or any other planet constantly staying on their own orbits are known as satellite. For example, moon is the satellite of the planet ‘Earth’. The other planets of the solar region have also one or more satellite(s). Recently, the scientists have made artificial satellites and these are sent to the outer space through buster rockets. Then they start to move round the earth. The equilibrium between the centrifugal power of satellite and the gravitation power of the earth enables the satellite to move round the earth keeping a specific distance from the earth. The way on which a satellite moves round the earth is known as orbit. Every satellite whether it is natural or artificial moves on its own specific orbit.

In 1957, the then Soviet Union first sent satellite named ‘Sputnik’ in the space. From then more than one thousand five hundred satellites have been sent to the space. Artificial satellites are made for different purposes such as, communication, scientific research, plane operations, weather forecasting, searching natural resources such as fish, gas, oil etc.