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Disadvantages or Limitations of Satellite Television

Though satellite TV has a lot of merits, still it is not free from evils. The major evils of satellite TV are discussed below:

  • Every nation has its own culture and customs which are the symbol of their national solidarity and uniqueness. People across the world are now becoming perverted and rootless by ignoring their own culture and watching continuously other cultures and following these.
  • Satellite TV generally broadcasts its programs whole day and night that persuade the viewers yo enjoy the programs for long time. It causes the wastage of valuable time and labor, makes the students inattentive towards their lessons and hampers the mental growth of children.
  • Many satellite TV channels displays various programs on sexual and perverted issues that create nakedness, nudity, bareness, indecency, obscenity etc.
  • Satellite TV programs on violence and excitement attract the youths to be indulged in murder, rape, stealing, robbery etc.
  • Many satellite TV programs are such that they turned away the viewers from leading religious peaceful lives.