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Advantages and Utilities of Satellite Television

When television programs are broadcasted by means of artificial satellite stationed in the space, is called satellite television. Now a day satellite television has become the most popular means of human entertainment and it has already fashioned a new culture named ‘sky culture’ across the world. Now, people of one society are very much interested in enjoying the cultures, traditions and customs of other societies. This interest of the people across the world toward the different cultures in the world is known as ‘sky culture’.

The merits / advantages / utilities of sideline television are discussed below:

  • Satellite TV broadcasts different types of programs relating to education, science and technology, environment etc. These programs play vital role in developing standard of education, manifestation of scientific knowledge and increasing environmental awareness among the people of the world.
  • Satellite TV arranges various programs on economics, investments, stock exchange etc. These programs unfold the global business opportunities and help in developing trade and industry.
  • Satellite television also plays vital role in developing information technology. Now, people can get all the news around the world even staying at home through the satellite TV. These enrich the domain of human knowledge.
  • Through satellite TV people of one society can be acquainted with the people, culture, customs, etc. of other societies.
  • Satellite TV has no alternative in gaining current world news, international political conditions, conflicts among the various nations etc.
  • Satellite TV also broadcasts various sports and games, films, drama, religious theme etc. which satisfy the people’s recreational demand and enhance religious consciousness.