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Steps of Dissection of Anterior Triangle of Neck

The anterior triangle is a region located at the front of the neck. The contents of the anterior triangle include muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, and lymph nodes. It is situated on every side of the neck and is a large triangular space, with its apex pointed downwards and base pointed upwards and in front of sternocleidomastoid.

Steps of dissection

(A) Skin incision:

1st: A longitudinal incision along the midline of the neck extending from the jugular notch to the symphysis menti.

2nd: An oblique incision from the symphysis menti to the angle of the mandible along the base extending it to the tip of the mastoid process. Then the flap of the skin is reflected downwards laterally up to the anterior margin of sternomastoid muscle.

Dissection of Anterior Triangle of Neck 1

Fig: Incision of anterior triangle of the neck

(B) Superficial fascia:

It is reflected along the platysma as a single layer carefully by preserving the important cutaneous structures.

(C) The deep cervical fascia:

Then the deep cervical fascia is reflected and contents of an anterior triangle are found.

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