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The interpeduncular fossa is a deep depression in the midline on the anterior aspect of the midbrain. It is a complex area located at the base of the skull, deep to the masseter muscle.

It is located deep to the masseter muscle and zygomatic arch. The floor from behind forward, are the posterior perforated substance, corpora mammillaria, tuber cinereum, infundibulum, and Pituitary Gland.

Boundary –It is bound by the optic chiasm in front, the pons behind, the optic tracts of the crura cerebri on the anterolateral side, and the cerebral peduncle posterolaterally.

  1. Anteriorly – Optic chiasma.
  2. Posteriorly – Pons.
  3. On each side – Optic tract & crus cerebri.

interpeduncular fossa 1

Fig: Interpeduncular Fossa

Contents – The infratemporal fossa acts as a pathway for neurovascular structures passing to and from the cranial cavity, pterygopalatine fossa and temporal fossa.

  • Oculomotor nerve.
  • Tuber cinereum.
  • Infundibulum.
  • Mammillary body.
  • Posterior perforated substance.

All of these structures except for the oculomotor nerves from the floor of the third ventricle except for its anterior portion.

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