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The cerebrum is the part of the brain involved in the higher levels of thinking and action. It is involved in the control of voluntary and involuntary movement as well as balance. The cerebellum is located behind the top part of the brain stem and is made of two hemispheres.

Connections of the cerebellum with brain stem

The cerebellum, located dorsal to the brain stem, is partially hidden by the large occipital lobes of the cortex. The cerebellum is connected to the brain stem by three peduncles. The middle peduncle is, by far, the largest of the peduncles, connecting the pons to the cerebellum.

(a) Inferior cerebellar peduncle – connects with medulla oblongata.

(b) Middle cerebellar peduncle – connects with pons.

(c) Superior cerebellar peduncle – connects with midbrain.

cerebellum is connected with the brain stem 1

Fig: Cerebellum is connected with the brain stem

The inferior peduncle connects the medulla to the cerebellum, while the superior peduncle connects the cerebellum to the midbrain. Most input to the cerebellum is through the middle and inferior peduncles and most of the output from the cerebellum is via the superior peduncle. The cerebellar cortex is connected to the deep nuclei. Neurons in the deep cerebellar nuclei represent virtually all of the output from the cerebellum.

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