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Digestive Juice

The juices secreted from the glands of the digestive tract and help in the digestion of food are called digestive juice. It contains enzymes – substances that speed up chemical reactions in the body—that break food down into dissimilar nutrients.

Fig: Digestive Juice


(a) Saliva – It contains mucus, which coats the food and enables each bite to travel smoothly through the digestive tract.

(b) Gastric Juice – It is most helpful in digestion of food. It consists of Enzymes present in the stomach.

(c) Pancreatic Juice – It secretes juices rich in enzymes capable of digesting the 3 main energy nutrients — carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

(d) Intestinal Juice (Succus interacts) – This is where secretions from the pancreas, liver and small intestines do most of the digestive work.

  • intestinal Juice
  • Brunner’s gland secretion

(e) Bile – It produced in the liver is commonly stored in the gallbladder until a release

Daily secretion of digestive Juices:

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