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Difference between Synapse and Neuromuscular Junction in a tabulated form

Synapse – Synapse is a functional connection between two neurons where one neuron ends and another neuron begins. It is a particular junction at which a neuron cell communicates with a target cell. At a synapse, one neuron sends a message to a target neuron – another cell. There is no anatomical continuity between two neurons involved in the formation of the synapse.

Fig Synapse structure

  1. The junction between two neurons,
  2. Neurotransmitters are released from the presynaptic knob,
  3. The postsynaptic membrane has surface area related to an action potential,
  4. Has lower density of neurotransmitters receptor sites,
  5. Fewer ion channels are open.
  6. One action potential in a presynaptic neuron cannot produce action potential in a post synaptic neuron.

Neuromuscular Junction

A neuromuscular junction is a synapse between a motor neuron and skeletal muscle. It is a site of chemical communication between a nerve fiber and a muscle cell. It is the area where a motor neuron synapses with a muscle fiber.

  1. Exists between a motor neuron and a skeletal muscle fiber.
  2. Most neurotransmitters are released from a terminal button.
  3. Motor end plate has larger surface area.
  4. A high density of neurotransmitter receptor sites.
  5. More ion channels are open.
  6. One to one transmission.
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